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These courses, and Keene’s Industrial Hygiene Technician/Safety & Health Specialist certificate, in which they are a core, are pertinent to environmental, safety and health managers, and workers with collateral duty who have industrial hygiene responsibilities but limited training or experience in industrial hygiene.

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521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene |  Oct. 30- Nov. 2, 2017 in Manchester, NH | $865

Course Description: This course addresses industrial hygiene practices and related OSHA regulations and procedures.

Topics include: permissible exposure limits, OSHA health standards, respiratory protection, engineering controls, hazard communication, OSHA sampling procedures and strategy, workplace health program elements, and other industrial hygiene topics. The course features workshops in health hazard recognition, OSHA health standards, and a safety and health program workshop. Basic IH instrumentation is demonstrated. A discussion of the services of the Industrial Hygiene Analytical Laboratory is included. 2.6 CEUs

NCSH 449 Workplace Air Contaminant Sampling and Analysis | $595

Nov. 3 – 4, 2017 in Manchester NH

Prerequisite: OSHA 521 Guide to Industrial Hygiene
Course Description: The knowledge exchange in this two day Keene State College course is fundamental to controlling hazards in the workplace. Become a wiser consumer of occupational/industrial hygiene services, consider the parameters for prequalifiying IH technicians and vendors and laboratories, and establishing a relationship with resources. Discussion of selection and calibration of equipment, including the many simple to very expensive options available today.

Topics include: Area and personal air sampling, Source and emission sampling, Biological chemical and radiological air contaminants, Collecting air contaminants in the workplace, Analyzing samples in the field or in the laboratory, Selecting equipment and instrumentation, Purchase and rental of instruments, Sampling methodology and statistics, Calibrating of air sampling and analysis devices 1.4 CEUs.