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OSHA #3095 Electrical Standards | $865
Course Description: This course provides students with a survey of OSHA’s electrical standards and hazards associated with electrical installations and equipment. Topics include single-phase and three-phase systems; cord-connected, plug-connected, and fixed equipment; grounding; ground fault circuit interrupters; and safety-related work practices. Emphasis is placed on electrical hazard recognition and OSHA policies and procedures. Students receive instruction on safe and correct use of their electrical testing equipment. This course provides information from the OSHA regulations, NFPA 70E® changes and updates, practical discussion, and demonstrations included. NFPA 70E® is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA.

NCSH 470 Electrical Safe Work Practices and Update to NFPA 70E® | $285
Course Description: Most of the electrical accidents and injuries in the workplace are the result of unsafe electrical work practices. Employers are required to provide a workplace safe from all recognized electrical hazards. To accomplish this goal an employer must incorporate OSHA 29 CFR 1910 and 1926, as well as best industry practices. This course covers hazards associated with working on or near exposed energized parts and safe work practices that could be implemented to reduce or eliminate these hazards. This course provides information from the OSHA regulations, and Chapter 1 of NFPA 70E® with practical discussion of requirements for qualified electrical workers. NFPA 70E® is a a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA. Who should attend: Maintenance and Construction Electricians and associated decision-makers, personnel who work in facilities maintenance, HVAC, generators, UPS systems, infrared testing, assembly-type testing, electrical testing labs, engineering, and safety professionals.

NCSH 474 Medium Voltage Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers | $285
Prerequisite: NCSH 470 Electrical Safety Work Practices/NFPA 70E® or equivalent
Course description:  This training is for those “qualified” individuals in the workplace who handle medium voltage (600 volts to 38,000 volts) electrical apparatus. Specialized one day supplemental training includes differences between low and medium voltage apparatus, de-energizing equipment, proper testing, using hot sticks, racking in/out breakers, grounding, and associated PPE requirements.  In addition to “open enrollment” dates listed, training can be conducted on-site for groups of qualified employees, customized to the facilities where a variety of medium voltage equipment exposes workers to specific electrical hazards. References OSHA 1910.269 and National Electric Safety Code and NFPA where applicable.

OSHA #7115 Lock-Out, Tag-Out: Controlling Hazardous Energy to Prevent Workplace Injury | $255
Course Description: This one-day course provides participants with information on the importance of energy control programs, procedures, training, audits and methods for controlling hazardous energy, and the knowledge and skills required to safely perform servicing and maintenance activities.  Topics include: the employer’s role and responsibility to develop and implement an energy control program, or Lock out/Tag out (LOTO); definitions relative to OSHA’s Control of Hazardous Energy Standard; hazardous energy sources and energy isolation options; written program requirements; training guidelines for authorized and affected employees; how to detect hazardous conditions and implement control measures; the development and implementation of energy control programs, including written isolation procedures; periodic inspection of energy control procedures.