NCSH 290 Foundations for Safety Leadership Seminar

A Keene State College Safety Education Center Course. 

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The FSL program introduces safety leaders to 5 leadership skills and real-world scenarios.  Are leadership skills an innate characteristics or trained and practiced skill?  Before you answer that questions, answer this one: Are you a supervisor?  If yes, how often are you satisfied with the outcome of the tasks that you assign – 25%, 50%, 75%, 90% of the time?  When you reflect upon those outcomes, what could you have done to improve the outcome?

Course Description: Foundations for Safety Leadership is a half day course that provides construction industry workers the foundation necessary for continuous leadership and communications improvement through interactive real-world scenarios designed to teach skills through role playing and practice.  Originally conceived and developed by the Center for Protection of Worker Rights (CPWR), outreach trainers, construction workers, safety and health professionals and leadership and safety climate specialists, this program has been adopted as a 2.5 hour elective in the Construction Outreach Training Program, and as a stand-alone leadership techniques course for the work force that fulfills a long-standing need to provide leadership skills training. The qualities of an effective leader are sometimes perceived to be intuitive, yet through education and practice, workers can develop or improve skills to support the pursuit of safe, healthy, productive, quality driven outcomes.

Become a SAFETY Leader: 

Lead by example: Make safety a core value by ‘walking the talk’ and reinforcing the idea that everyone owns safety.

Engage Team Members: Engage, encourage, and empower team members to identify and act upon unsafe situations.

Actively listen and practice 3-way communication: Actively listen and practice three-way communication by having people repeat the message heard.

DEvelop team members through teaching, coaching, and feedback: Act as a teacher and coach. Give FIST feedback (Facts, Impact, Suggestions, Timely).

Recognize team members for a job well done: Publicly and privately acknowledge team members when they consistently work safely


Days: 0.5 | Credits: 0.4 CEUs  |  $55 | Available On-Site

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