5402 Maritime Industry Trainer Update Course

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PREREQUISITE:Course 5400/5402 taken every 4 years. A copy (front and back) of your current Trainer Card must accompany the registration form.

Course Description: This course is the update required every four years for all OSHA authorized Outreach Trainers for the Maritime Industry. Training provides timely information on OSHA Maritime Industry standards, policies, and regulation. Upon successful completion of hourly and course requirements, reauthorized Maritime Outreach Trainers receive a certificate and updated Department of Labor Maritime Trainer card. Maritime industry voluntary compliance outreach trainers must take this update four years. If your card has expired, you must retake the OSHA 5400 course and exam in order to maintain your Maritime Outreach Trainer authorization.

NOTE: Students registering for this course must provide their current OSHA General Industry Outreach Trainer card (front and back copy) to be enrolled in this course.  Due to course content, we recommend bringing a laptop and thumb drive to class.


Days: 2.5 |Credits: 1.8 CEUs, 3.01 CM  |  $795

Course Section Dates Location
NCOS 5402 N4C April 10-12, 2018 Manchester, NH