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OSHA Courses by State

NOTICE:  Preregistration is required 5 business days prior to the course start date.  Thereafter, PENDING SUFFICIENT ENROLLMENT, a $25.00 late fee applies for all registrations received within 5 business days of the course start date.

Courses Offered in Connecticut


CourseTitleStart End Town
501 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry: Prerequisites required: Visit “How To Become an Outreach Trainer”7/17/177/20/17Hartford
470Electrical Safe Work Practices and Update to NFPA 70E®8/9/178/9/17Hartford
474Medium Voltage Electrical Safety for Qualified Workers8/10/178/10/17Hartford
502Update for Construction Outreach Trainers: Must include front/ back copy of current card with registration8/9/178/11/17Uncasville
7500Safety & Health Management Systems9/12/179/12/17Mashantucket
7505Intro to Incident/Accident Investigation9/13/179/13/17Mashantucket
7845Recordkeeping Rule Seminar9/14/179/14/17Mashantucket
2045Machinery & Machine Guarding9/25/179/28/17Hartford
7300Understanding OSHA's Permit-required Confined Space Standards9/26/179/26/17Wethersfield

Noise Hazards and Hearing Protection in Construction & General Industries

7410Managing Excavation Hazards9/28/179/28/17Wethersfield
503Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers: Must include front/ back copy of current card with registration10/10/1710/12/17Wethersfield
511OSH Standards for General Industry10/23/1710/26/17Uncasville, CT
3095Electrical Standards11/6/1711/9/17Mashantucket, CT
510OSH Standards for Construction11/6/1711/9/17Uncasville
500 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction: Prerequisites required: Visit “How To Become an Outreach Trainer”11/14/1711/17/17Wethersfield
3015Excavation, Trenching, & Soil Mechanics11/27/201711/30/2017Uncasville
502Update for Construction Outreach Trainers: Must include front/ back copy of current card with registration12/18/1712/20/17Wethersfield
Courses Offered in Massachusetts
OTIEC courses are approved for MA Wastewater Operator TCHs (1 HR = 1 TCH)


CourseTitleStart End Town
510OSH Standards for Construction7/10/20177/13/2017Marlborough
511OSH Standards for General Industry7/10/20177/13/2017Marlborough
7500Introduction to Safety & Health Management7/25/20177/25/2017Fitchburg
7505Intro to Incident/Accident Investigation7/26/20177/26/2017Fitchburg
7845Recordkeeping Rule Seminar7/27/20177/27/2017Fitchburg
500Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction7/31/20178/3/2017Marlborough
501Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry7/31/20178/3/2017Marlborough
503Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers 8/28/20178/30/2017Fitchburg
510OSH Standards for Construction9/5/20179/8/2017Woburn
500Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction9/18/20179/21/2017Woburn
7405Fall Hazard Awareness9/22/20179/22/2017Woburn
502Update for Construction Outreach Trainers 10/17/201710/19/2017Wellesley
NCSH 470Electrical Safe Work Practices & Update for NFPA70E®10/19/201710/19/2017Weymouth
NCSH 474Medium Voltage Electrical Safety10/20/201710/20/2017Weymouth
2255Principles of Ergonomics12/4/201712/6/2017Wellesley
7005Public Warehousing & Storage12/18/201712/18/2017Weymouth
7105Intro to Evacuation & Emergency Planning12/19/201712/19/2017Weymouth
7300Understanding OSHA's Permit-Required Confined Space Standards12/20/201712/20/2017Weymouth
Courses Offered in New Hampshire
CourseTitleStart End Town
NCSH 470Electrical Safe Work Practices and Update to NFPA 70E®6/19/176/19/17Manchester
7115Lock Out Tag Out6/20/20176/20/2017Manchester
7100Machinery & Machine Safeguarding - CANCELLED6/21/20176/21/2017Manchester
7300Permit Required Confined Space Standards6/22/20176/22/2017Manchester
7000Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling7/10/177/10/17Keene
2255Principles of Ergonomics7/11/177/13/17Keene
503Update for General Industry Outreach Trainers7/10/177/12/17Manchester
502Update for Construction Outreach Trainers7/12/177/14/17Manchester
NCSH 436HAZWOPER Initial Training7/24/177/28/17Keene
510OSH Standards for Construction8/7/20178/10/2017Manchester
511OSH Standards for General Industry8/14/20178/17/2017Manchester
500Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction8/21/20178/24/2017Manchester
501Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry8/28/20178/31/2017Manchester
502Update for Construction Outreach Trainers9/18/179/20/17Manchester
2225Respiratory Protection10/2/1710/5/17Manchester
3115Fall Protection10/10/1710/12/17Manchester
NCSH 424Hands-on Fall Protection10/13/1710/13/17Manchester
NCSH 400Fire Prevention & Life Safety10/16/1710/20/17Manchester
NCSH 480Globally Harmonized Systems10/23/1710/23/17Manchester
7005Public Warehousing & Storage10/24/1710/24/17Manchester
7100Intro to Machinery & Machine Safeguarding10/25/1710/25/17Manchester
3085Principles of Scaffolding10/24/201710/26/2017Manchester
NCSH 481Process Safety Management for Highly Hazardous Chemicals10/31/201711/2/2017Manchester
521OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene10/30/201711/2/2017Manchester
NCSH 444Introduction to Toxicology11/3/201711/3/2017Manchester
2055Cranes in Construction11/1/201711/3/2017Manchester
NCSH 449Workplace Contaminant Sampling & Analysis11/3/1711/4/17Manchester
503Update for OSHA General Industry Trainers11/13/201711/15/2017Manchester
502Update for OSHA Construction Trainers11/15/201711/17/2017Manchester
2264Permit Required Confined Space Entry11/14/1711/17/17Manchester
7500Safety & Health Management Systems11/20/201711/20/2017Manchester
7505Introduction to Accident/Incident Investigation11/21/201711/21/2017Manchester
7845Recordkeeping Rule Seminar11/22/201711/22/2017Manchester
511OSH Standards for General Industry11/27/201711/30/2017Manchester
510OSH Standards for Construction12/4/201712/7/2017Manchester
7120Intro to Combustible Dust Hazards12/5/201712/6/2017Manchester
7205Health Hazard Awareness12/11/1712/11/17Manchester
2015Hazardous Materials12/12/1712/15/17Manchester
500Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction12/18/201712/21/2017Manchester
501Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry12/18/201712/21/2017Manchester
5410OSH Standards for Maritime Industry1/8/181/12/18Manchester
2225Principles of Ergonomics1/8/181/11/18Keene
NCSH 480Globally Harmonized Systems (GHS)1/16/181/16/18Manchester
7225Transitioning to Safer Chemicals1/17/181/18/18Manchester
NCSH 446Indoor Air Quality3/5/183/7/18Manchester
Courses Offered in Rhode Island
Course Title Start End Town
501 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for General Industry: Prerequisites required: Visit "How to Become an Outreach Trainer" 9/18/2017 9/21/2017 Warwick
511 OSHA Standards for General Industry 9/5/2017 9/8/2017 Providence
510 OSHA Standards for Construction 10/2/2017 10/5/2017 Warwick
500 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for Construction: Prerequisites required: Visit "How to Become an Outreach Trainer" 10/16/2017 10/19/2017 Warwick
Courses Offered in Vermont
CourseTitleStart End Town
511OSH Standards for General Industry8/1/178/4/17Montpelier

Contact Hours and CEUs:

OTIEC course participants may be interested in obtaining CEUs, training contact hours (TCH) or ABIH maintenance points for attending training at the OSHA Training Institute Education Center. Many OTIEC and Keene State College Safety Center courses in the course schedule/catalog have continuing education credits attached to completing the hourly and course requirements.

OSHA Training Institute Education Center
175 Ammon Drive, Suite 104
Manchester, NH 03103-3308
Phone: 1-800-449-OSHA
Fax: 603-645-0080

Program Director: Diane Malachowski

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