486 Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT)

Translate a wealth of knowledge into effective virtual delivery

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In this intermediate level course, you’ll learn how to effectively deliver virtual/online training to your employees, managers, customers and students. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), lead instructors/teachers, consultants, professors/faculty seeking to diversify presentation skills will welcome the information shared here.

If you want to deliver dynamic and engaging material while keeping potential problems to a minimum, this is the course for you.

Topics covered will include:

  • Hardware consideration & Software options- Zoom/WebEx and how to make them work to your advantage
  • Content preparation, including ways to turn your old PowerPoint slides into a dynamic and engaging presentation
  • Content delivery, including video considerations, audio tips, and the dynamics of speaking to a virtual audience
  • Common problems during virtual training events and how to avoid them
  • Mechanisms for feedback & evaluation – digital vs. “old school”
  • Frequently asked questions/Q&A


Everyone has been in at least one virtual class or meeting that did not go as planned…Make sure that doesn’t happen to you!


8 hours | Credits:  .7 CEUs  |  $265 | ONLINE
7:30am orientation 8 – 4:00pm


Course Section Dates Location
NCSH-486-N3OL March 1, 2021 ONLINE
NCSH-486-N5OL May 6, 2021 ONLINE