Certificates Programs

Certificate programs provide an edge

A resource worth the investment

Studies* in recent years find that certificate programs increase in popularity, as the need for continued education in an information-dense world increases. Low-cost and particularly beneficial for technical, construction trades, emergency preparedness, and healthcare, a certificate program is a valuable stepping stone toward career development. Safety & Health certificate participants reported certificate programs:

• strengthened their safety and health management skills
• helped them make the business case for safety with their employers or clients assisted in their ability to communicate and discuss safety and health issues effectively with their supervisors resulting in reductions in injury and illness
• increased participant’s confidence and marketability
• provided networking when in a classroom settings– many participants were still in contact with classmates as resources resulted in further study, both in classroom and on-line resources

Enhance your career — strengthen your safety knowledge through our 8  KSC safety & health certificate programs.

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Bosworth, B. (2010) Certificates Count: An Analysis of Sub-baccalaureate Certificates. Commissioned by Complete College America. available at www.completecollege.org.


Certificate Programs

If you have any questions regarding the Certificate Programs, please email the Certificate Program Coordinator – Cheryl Sprague, at csprague1@keene.edu.

A completed course may be applied to multiple certificate programs. Courses applied towards certificate completion must have been taken within the previous 5 years (completion date must be within 5 years from the oldest class being applied to certificate completion).  Please plan accordingly. There are options in certificate electives to make up courses and hours.  Please inquire.

Changes to the programs are available to previously enrolled students at their discretion, or they can finish the program utilizing the parameters in place at time of enrollment. Choose what best enhances your safety education.


Safety and Health Specialist Certificate Program

CSHOThe Safety and Health Specialist Certificate Program is designed for safety and health professionals wanting additional knowledge and credentials in the field of safety and health. This well-rounded learning experience allows you to gain the skills necessary to create solutions to workplace safety challenges.

Certified Safety and Health Official

The Certified Safety and Health Official (CSHO) program offered through Keene State College Region 1 OTIEC, is a practical OSHA training-based advanced certificate program.


Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals Certificate Program

The Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals program is unique as it is signed and authorized by the Directorate of Training and Education (OSHA). The target audience for this new certificate, is public sector organizations with employees who are seeking occupational safety and health training to strengthen their current efforts in workplace safety.