Diane Malachowski,
Director, OSHA Training Institute Education Center, Region 1

2020 has been a year of change for all of us, and suffice it to say, for my husband Michael and myself as well.  In August we sold the New England home I built and lived in for nearly 30 years, and made a decision that would change the trajectory of our lives and Keene’s.  January 8, 2021 I will retire my position as your Program Director of the New England OTI Education Center.  Since September of 2007, I have enjoyed every opportunity to work beside most of you, and impact the lives of people I will never meet.  That’s one of the objectives of a good safety professional, to not be able to count the people we impact positively through our daily roles and responsibilities.  I have embraced this challenge for over 30 years….and hope I leave where I’ve been better than I found it….thanks to the teamwork of all of us together.  A finer life profession, I could not have imagined!

While the OSHA Education Center leadership will change, I have confidence that the future will be bright. In 2020, we learned to be resilient and to create and run parallel OSHA Education Centers, one safely in the seat, and one via ZOOM virtually led by a team of resourceful, talented instructors and facilitators.  We fully expect 2021 to be a safer more vibrant year, and we’ll be here to support you. You will receive future updates regarding transitional changes and support from our Director, Robert Baker.

I hope you will continue to wake up every day healthy, and strive to be a better you for your faith, families, friends and workplaces. Learn at least one new thing every day, and continue your education to strengthen safety in the workplace, wherever you are.

The OSHA Education Center’s mission remains steady through the changes:

The OSHA Training Institute Education Centers are authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to provide innovative and effective safety and health training to improve the safety culture and performance in the workplace.

Thank you for being a special part of our lives. Be well, and do good work.