NCSH 445 Laboratory Safety: Establishing a partnership with scientists to ensure safe work practices

A Keene State College Safety Education Center Course. 

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Of all workplaces where hazardous materials and machines are stored, used, and made, the Laboratory should be the most safe. The laboratory is a highly controlled environment in which highly trained individuals follow best practices to produce new, but reproducible results. The materials, machines, and methods used are planned, tested, and calibrated to ensure accurate, precise reproducible results. However laboratory accidents and incidents continue to occur with scientists and technicians sustaining injuries, burns, infections, and poisonings — sometimes with fatal results.

Course Description: This two-day course will discuss the history of laboratory safety, design of safe laboratories, design of safe experiments, biological hazards, chemical hazards, physical hazards, biomechanical hazards, laboratory accident analysis and reporting, and assisting management in establishing a safety culture in the laboratory work environment. This is an industrial hygiene course which follows the IH model: anticipation recognition, evaluation, control and communication of hazards in the laboratory work environment. A training manual will include a current reference list as well as current laboratory safety documents available from OSHA, NIOSH and other research and regulatory agencies.

Days: 2 | Credits: 1.4 CEUs  | $595

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