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April 7, 2021: Intro Transition to Safer Chemicals; A Workers Perception
Presented by: Stephen Gauthier CMFS Gauthier Safety Consulting
An organization’s Transition to Safer Chemicals success depends increasingly on the knowledge, skills, innovative creativity, and motivation of its workforce. Employee success depends increasingly on being given opportunities to learn and practice new skills. Organizations need to invest in the development of their workforces through education, training, and opportunities for continuing growth. Such opportunities include enhanced Transition to Safer Chemicals awareness. Empowerment of teams to fully implement the Transition to safer Chemicals is a key element. The Transitioning to Safer Chemicals offers a competitive advantage over other companies that aren’t making the effort.

April 14, 2021: The Cliff Meidl Story, “The Fire Within”
Presented by: Cliff Meidl
When American kayaker Cliff Meidl led Team USA into the stadium at the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Sydney, nearly two billion television viewers were watching globally.  Millions of Americans learned of the amazing comeback he made from a tragic near-death construction accident when he was 20 years old.