Course Description: What you learn in this course will save lives. Prevention through Design (PtD) is best  defined as designing out or eliminating safety and health hazards associated with processes, structures, equipment, tools, and/or work organization. Reduce or prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, and fatalities by considering hazard prevention in building design, re-design, and or retro-fit of new and existing workplaces, tools, equipment, and how you work. The initial design phase can and must allow for innovative practices to be developed that will not only move the industry forward towards a safer and healthier future, but give companies a competitive advantage. Capture tips and ideas about sustainability, modifications and even renovations by incorporating PtD in the planning and bid process.  Learn PtD best practices, and how can help eliminate hazards to our sons and daughters through PtD and initiatives from the CDC, NIOSH, ANSI, LEAN, LEED, and OSHA.

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