NEW OSHA #7210 Pandemic Illness Preparedness

Key topics include:
Explain workplace pandemic illness response elements:
Identify pandemic illness potential impacts
Identify pandemic illness preparedness plan elements
List employee exposure risk reduction measures
Identify continuity of operations (COOP) strategies

Describe key pandemic illness response resources
Identify online government resources
Describe pandemic illness information update methods

Intended audience: The target audience is the private business leader and members of their management team that may be integral to preparedness planning, including, but not limited to, finance, security, safety, and human resources.

NCOS-7210-N3OL March 9, 2021 ONLINE*
NCOS-7210-N30OL March 23, 2021 ONLINE*
NCOS-7210-N4OL April 27, 2021 ONLINE*

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