NCSH 444 Managing Biological Hazards in The Workplace. Infectious Agents, Bio-Aerosols, Mold & Legionella

A Keene State College Safety Education Center Course. 

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Course Description: Biological safety is the application of basic industrial hygiene principles to the workplace to prevent occupational diseases caused by biological agents. These diseases include infections, allergies, intoxications and inflammation of the lungs as target organs and as a route of entrance into the body. This survey course will identify industries and jobs that expose workers to bioaerosols of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, pollen and organic dusts such as grains, wood, flour, compost, wastewater and cotton. The student will learn to recognize industrial processes that produce bioaerosols e.g. high pressure washing or amplify infectious agents e.g. cooling towers and stagnant water sources. The student will learn how to identify bioagents, measure bioagents, conduct a risk assessment, determine occupational exposure levels and devise controls to reduce or eliminate exposures. Infectious agent bioaerosols discussion will cover COVID19 coronavirus.

Days: 1 | Credits:0.7 CEUs, 1.17 CM  |  $295


Course Section Dates Location
NCSH 444 N4C April 2, 2021 Manchester, NH
NCSH-444-N10C Oct. 6, 2021 Manchester, NH