Outreach Trainer Portal

OSHA DOL 10 and 30 hour wallet cards can be ordered and paid for on the Outreach Trainer portal. OSHA Outreach Training Program authorized trainers may not rely on internal or external staff, clients, employers, or third parties to prepare, submit, report, retain, or maintain the required OSHA Outreach Training Program training records.

IMPORTANT NOTICEBeginning February 2020 Outreach Trainers will be charged any additional fees accrued for credit card charges disputed for legitimate Outreach Card Requests. Please note that your credit card statement for this transaction will be from our Outreach Website Technology Partner – The Rocky Mountain Education Center

Registered Outreach Trainers that have completed teaching a 10 or 30 hour OSHA  class and need to order cards proceed to the portal:

Outreach Trainer Portal

If you are a new Outreach Trainer you will need to register on the portal first by following the directions in the FAQs below.


If you are a NEW Outreach trainer, you must register in the portal.

  • Select Register, complete trainer data, upload trainer card and submit. [You must upload a scanned copy of your Authorized Trainer Card (front and back) for the registration process]
  • Your registration will be reviewed to assure your OTI card number and expiration date are entered correctly
  • If approved: You will receive an email from noreply@keene.edu with NEW Trainer ID# and password
  • If denied: You will receive an email explaining what was missing or incorrect on your registration form and will be asked to re-register with correct information

If I am an Outreach trainer in multiple industries (Construction, Gen Ind, Maritime), will I have a different Trainer ID# for each industry?

  • No, you will only have ONE ID# in the portal for all industries
  • Your KSC Trainer ID# will be applicable for all industries within the Outreach program
  • Each trainer card (front and back) will need to be added separately to your account

When I take my 502/503 update will my expiration date be updated in portal?

  • No, you must log into portal and “add trainer card”. Then, scan front/back of new trainer card into portal to update your expiration status.

How do I login to my Outreach Trainer Account?

  • Once you receive a NEW KSC Trainer ID and password…log into: http://outreach.keeneosha.com
    • Enter email address
    • Trainer ID#
    • Password
    • Type in captcha words into text box

What if I don’t remember my password?

  • You can reset your password at any time. Your new password will be emailed to you

What functions can I conduct in the portal?

  • Once you log into the portal, you will see all of the following options on the left hand column of the portal:
    • Training card request
    • Update trainer contact info (address, phone, email, etc)
    • Add trainer card from other industries (Construction, General Industry, Maritime)
    • See past card request submitted through the portal
    • Request replacement cards – for cards less than 5 years old – $25.00 each
    • Change password
    • Add new trainer card from 502/503 update classes to update your expiration in portal

Do I need to give Region 1 OTIEC notice of my upcoming 10 / 30 hour classes?

  • YES, but this is not done through the portal
  • Send Advance notification of your upcoming classes to: advancenotice@keene.edu

How do I request 10 & 30 hour cards?

  • Log into the portal using your ID# and select: Training card request and complete outreach program report form for industry and type of training completed

How do I know if my card request went through?

  • You will receive a prompt that says your submission was successful
  • You will receive an email from noreply@keene.edu that says your request is pending
  • You can look and see if there is a pending request under card request

How do I pay for my cards?

  • The system only accepts credit cards: Master Card, VISA, Amex, Discover
  • You will receive a receipt that confirms cards were submitted and credit card was charged X amount of dollars

How long does it take to get my cards?

  • DOL cards are processed weekly. You will receive an email that cards have been issued
  • NEW STYLE plastic 10 and 30 hour DOL cards will be sent to you pre-printed with:
    • Student name
    • Trainer name
    • End date of training
    • QR code on the back
      • Select Student / enter last name, card number, date of training

Can I put my contact information on the wallet cards?

NO, per OSHA, trainers may not make any changes or additions to the cards.

Replacement cards: $25.00 fee per card

Misspelled name on card: Return the misspelled card to OTIEC, Manchester along with a copy of the letter sent with the batch of cards. Make a notation that the card was misspelled and write the correct spelling of the name             – $25.00 fee per card

Lost Card: You (as the trainer) must log onto your account, select class student attended and check box in front of student name         – $25.00 fee per card

Why did I get locked out of the system?

  • You are provided 5 opportunities to enter an outreach program report form incorrectly before the system locks you out. This data is cumulative from the time you start using the portal – entries may have been from last year, last month, last week. After you click submit with incorrect data on the outreach program report form the system will lock you out for the following reasons:
    • Not checking the statement of certification box
    • Not entering name on signature line
    • Dates in the future
    • Incorrect time on topics
    • Incomplete topics selected
    • Did not meet minimum requirements for topics and times
    • Did not total 10 or 30 hours
    • Exceeded maximum time allowed per topic in a 10 or 30 hours

I taught MORE than 10 or 30 hours

Great! But you have mandatory, elective and optional topics with time requirements

  • Did you teach the correct time for each topic? Please review your outreach industry guides for specific topics and times required for your training

If I get locked out, how do I gain access back into the system?

  • You will need to call the Region 1 OTIEC office – 800.449.6742

Who should I contact if I have other questions about the portal?

Leslie Singleton



This video will walk you through the process to apply for OSHA 10- and 30- Outreach Training Cards:

For Advance Notifications do not use the Portal. Click here for specific directions.

OSHA introduces New 10 & 30 hour Outreach cards staring March 1, 2016. More durable. More secure. Made of plastic with a QR code for authentication, the new card fee will be $8 and complementary card duplication and replacement is discontinued.

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