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OSHA Most Frequently Cited Serious Violations FY 2020

MFC_Construction_FY2020 (1) – PDF
MFC_Construction_FY2020 (1) – PPTX

MFC_General Industry_FY2020 – PDF
MFC_General Industry_FY2020 – PPTX

MFC_Maritime_FY2020 (1) – PDF
MFC_Maritime_FY2020 (1) – PPTX

Poster on “How to Wear a Respirator” available

OSHA’s poster that shows employers and workers how to properly wear and remove a respirator is now available in 16 languages.


Trenching Safety 2020 Resources

Click here for a page of resources to use and download

Also, visit our OSHA #3015 Trenching, Excavation, & Soil Mechanics course page.


Covid-19 Training materials:

Covid-19 Power Point Slides in english  (or PDF Version)

Covid-19 Power Point Slides in Spanish  (or PDF Version)

The Teen Safe Summer Job Social Media Campaign has been postponed due to the focus on COVID-19. However, we have learned of the need for information sharing about training resources for educators who are engaging with students remotely and their parents. As a result, we are morphing the webpage (KeepTeenWorkersSafe.org) into a resource page.

1. Links for youth related materials from:
  • OSHA
  • Department of Labor
  • National Safety Council
  • Young Workers.org
  • CPWR
  • CareerSafe
2. Links for COVID-19 information


OSHA Revised Training Materials

Find revised training materials on the OSHA Web site at https://www.osha.gov/dte/outreach/.

 Current Focus Four Modules and Video
Current One-Hour Introduction to OSHA 
OSHA 10-Hour Construction Outreach Trainer Presentations
OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Outreach-Trainer Presentations
Notes from Leslie Singleton on how to improve your Outreach Trainer performance

Foundations For Safety Leadership:

Click on these links to download the FSL materials – ALL FOR FREE:


Email OTI Education Center Region 1 Outreach Trainer Coordinator

Leslie Singleton: lsingleton@keene.edu

Samples of Student Information Collection sheets

Sign-In Sheet | Documentation Form  | Evaluation Forms | Sample Certificate of Completion

Talking Safety To Youth: Resources for OSHA Outreach Trainers


Region 1 Video Conferencing Course Approval Form

In keeping with Program Requirements Part V: OSHA Outreach Training Program, Section R: Alternative Training Methods Part 2) Video Conferencing

Supplemental Training Aids:

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