OSHA #2015 Hazardous Materials

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Course Description: This course covers OSHA General Industry Standards and other consensus and proprietary standards that relate to the use of hazardous materials. In this course, the functionality and interrelations of the laws, regulations and standards related to hazardous materials and the strategies for eliminating or reducing hazards associated with hazardous materials will be presented. In addition, the following topics relating to hazardous materials management and compliance will be discussed: compressed gases, acetylene, nitrous oxide, welding (and related operations), liquefied petroleum gases, flammable liquids, spray finishing, dipping and coating, cryogenics and refrigerated liquids, anhydrous ammonia, and high-risk operations (process safety, emergency response). Upon course completion, students will have the ability to assess compliance with OSHA hazardous materials standards, determine hazardous (classified) locations, and proper moving, storing, and handling of hazardous materials.

Days: 4 | Credits: 2.6 CEUs, TCH; 4.34 CM  |  $865


Course Section Dates Location
NCOS-2015-N5C May 17-20, 2021 Manchester, NH
NCOS-2015-N9OL Sept. 13-16, 2021 ONLINE*