OSHA #7500 Introduction to Safety and Health Management

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Course Description: This course covers the effective implementation of a company’s safety and health management system.  Learning objectives address the seven core elements of an effective safety and health program and issues critical to each element’s proper management.

Core elements include: Management Leadership | Worker Participation | Hazard Identification and Assessment | Hazard Prevention and Control | Education and Training | Program Evaluation and Improvement | Communication and Coordination for Host Employers, Contractors and Staffing Agencies.

Class environment is interactive and facilitated by the lead instructor focusing on discussions, activities and workshops.  Upon course completion, students will possess the knowledge to evaluate, develop and implement an effective safety and health management system for their employer.

Who should attend: Designed for the employer, business owner or manager designated with the responsibility to develop and maintain a safety and health program or system. Suitable for employees, employee representatives, safety leaders/committee members, HR and safety professionals responsible for improving the safety and health culture and best practices in the work place.

Days: 1 | Credits: 0.7 CEUs, TCH  |  $265


Course Section Dates Location
NCOS-7500-N4C April 20, 2021 Manchester, NH
NCOS-7500-N5OL May 24, 2021 ONLINE
NCOS-7500-N6C June 2, 2021 Hartford, CT
NCOS-7500-N7OL July 26, 2021 ONLINE
NCOS-7500-N8C Aug. 23, 2021 Manchester, NH
NCOS-7500-N9OL Sept. 14, 2021 ONLINE
NCOS-7500-N10C Oct. 18, 2021 Manchester, NH
NCOS-7500-N11C Nov. 29, 2021 Littleton, MA