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Copies of the DOL cards of your past classes are available through the portal. 

Look for PRINT CARDS by course date to see the copies you have issued. They will look like this: Click here

Most Frequently Cited (MFC) for 2018:

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90-Day Grace Period for Outreach Trainer Update Removed

As part of its continuing effort to improve the Outreach Training Program, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration  (OSHA) has eliminated the authorized trainer “90-day grace period.”

As of January 1, 2019, Authorized Outreach Trainers who fail to update their status via the proper OSHA Trainer Update Course, is no longer a trainer and is required to begin the process again by sending in a Prerequisite Verification Form that documents 5 years of safety experience, to qualify to take the appropriate trainer course. If the prerequisite standards course was taken more than seven years previous, it will also have to be retaken.  (Construction 510, General Industry 511, Maritime 5410).

Please plan on updating your Outreach Trainer status PRIOR to the expiration date on your Outreach Trainer card.
For those who successfully become Outreach Trainers, an update course is required every four years (Construction OSHA #502, General Industry OSHA #503, Maritime OSHA #5402).

How to register for an update course.

Please include:

  1. Prerequisite Verification Form. Complete pages 1 and 5.
  2. A front/back copy of your current trainer card.
  3. Registration form properly filled out for the course section you would like to take.

A trainer who does not successfully complete an update course prior to the expiration date on his/her DOL Outreach Trainer card relinquishes authorization as an OSHA Outreach Trainer.

New OSHA Outreach Trainer National Registry

For all current Authorized Outreach Trainers who would like to participate in a National Registry, making yourself available for on-request 10 and 30 hour training, you may now “Opt-In” on the Outreach Trainer Portal (Not yet registered in the Portal? Click here for details)  NOTE: Here is a screenshot of what you will see at the Outreach Trainer Portal when signing up for the National Registry.

Follow directions at the Portal. OTI Education Center staff can no longer sign you up — each Outreach Trainer must take the initiative to sign up for the National Registry at the Outreach Trainer Portal.

Region 1 OTI Education Center Catalog

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On-Site Training Request

All OTI Education Center Region 1 courses are available for on-site, customized training. If interested in bringing a customized course to your workplace, please submit THIS FORM.

Online 10/30Hr Outreach Classes

Advance with OSHA-Authorized Training

AdvanceOnline Solutions is a proven, long-term OSHA-Authorized provider of the OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Safety Courses.

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